History of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Egypt

The Beginning

Evangelistic Mission

Proclaiming the Seventh-day Adventist message began in Egypt in 1877 by some Italian missionaries who brought a number of pamphlets and Adventist literature to the City of Alexandria, and baptized seven individuals there. But the missionary work stopped for a while due to riot acts that were aimed at foreigners in 1882, which resulted in the death of some of those missionaries. However, the work was resumed after a group of European missionaries had moved to Cairo and established a healthy lifestyle center and a restaurant through which they spread the principles of the Adventist church.

The Foundation

The First Church

The first Adventist church was established in 1901. The missionaries continued to proclaim the message of the Adventist church throughout many years. The Irish pastor “George Keough” was the most known one of them. Pastor George moved to Cairo in 1908 and excelled the Arabic language. In 1913, pastor George got to know a group of believers in the village of Beni Adi, which belongs to Assuit, who had already started to observe the Sabbath 6 years before that as a result of studying the Scriptures. Pastor Keough baptized 24 individuals from Bani Adi and established the first national church there.

The Church


The Seventh-day Adventist Church has continued to provide its spiritual and social services in Egypt for more than one hundred years. Its activities varied to include charity works. The most known of such works was establishing an orphanage in Matareyya in Cairo, which started its work in 1947 and continued for several decades then was transformed to a school for the Sudanese refugees. Moreover, the Adventist Church operates two schools: The Adventist School in Zeitoun for primary education, and Nile Union Academy for secondary education. Both schools aim at implanting proper social and spiritual principles in the students and preparing them to be good citizens who are able to provide the community with useful services. One of accomplishments achieved by the Adventist Church in Egypt is establishing a factory for healthy foods (AHEF) in 1971. The factory spreads health awareness by providing a variety of healthy foods that do not contain meat or animal products, because the Adventist Church believes that following the right health instructions and avoiding all what harms the human body, which is symbolized in the Bible as the temple of the Holy Spirit, is a part and parcel of its message.

Our Goal

What we aim at

The primary goal of the Seventh-day Adventist Church is proclaiming the message of salvation and calling the believers to prepare for the soon coming of Christ, to live properly as sons of the light, through seeking to observe God’s commandments which reveal His features and mirrors His love for us, and to hold fast unto our faith in Jesus Christ as God and Savior.